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Genre: Contemporary fiction
Status: revising

Autumn’s life is stalling. After taking an extra year to graduate college, she moves back home with her mom. She’s still working at the library reference desk, the job she’s held since age sixteen. And since her falling out with her high school best friend Carla, Autumn hasn’t had anyone to talk to.

But Carla’s back in town this summer, too, her new fiancĂ© in tow, and Autumn winds up as a reluctant maid of honor. Hearing about Carla’s new apartment and helping pick out kitchen appliances shows Autumn how far behind her friend she has fallen. And just how angry she is at Carla for bailing on their Central America backpacking trip, the one they’d been planning and saving for since high school.

In a summer of late night convenience store runs, unexpected homecomings, and quirky library regulars, Autumn faces her past and learns no matter how hard she clings, some relationships don’t remain the same. And a twenty-three year old doesn’t need to grow up all at once.

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