Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Five: A Writer's Confessions

I know I owe you guys a few Fives, so I thought I'd do something special this week. I talk a ton about books on here, but I decided to switch gears into the writing aspect and share some of my writing habits with you. Non-writers, don't judge too harshly; all writers have their quirks/peculiarities/voices in their heads.

A Writer’s Confessions

1.       I’m really weird about my writing. The more time I spend on a project, the less likely I am to let a ton of people read it. 

2.       I write about the most bizarre things. My latest projects include cliff jumping, suicide by lightning, and trailer parks.

3.       I write down notes for stories everywhere. Post-Its, my endless supply of notebooks (I have about six, and I always forget what notes I wrote down in which notebook), the notes app on my phone (although I just found out about Evernote, and it’s my saving grace), my hand, receipts…

4.       I’m more productive in the evening, which usually means I get no sleep. I’m either typing away on my laptop or sitting up in bed every five minutes, jotting down a note in one of my many note-taking accessories (see #3)

5.       I write out of order. It drives me insane and usually makes me want to bash my head into the wall, but I do it anyway. If a scene pops into my mind, I have to write it immediately. This means I usually wind up with gaping holes all through my story, and the process of filling in those holes is akin to pulling out your teeth one by one.

What about you other writers? Any weird habits or methods?


  1. Fun, fun ... and I am proud to say I know the meaning/inspiration behind everything listed in #2 :)

    Hmm, weird habits/methods:

    1. Each new story gets a different color pen for note-taking. WALBOL was turquoise, ROM was purple, and DE is orange. It helps me differentiate and give each book its own feel.

    2. I could NEVER write out of order. It would frustrate me to the point of banging my head against the wall.

    3. I once outlined an entire chapter on the back of my cousins' dance recital program, because the idea just came to me and I HAD to get it down (sshh!) :)

    4. I like to end my books on round-number pages/chapter numbers.

  2. I totally get #3! Inspiration always hits at the most inconvenient times, and what else is there to do but write it down? I totally got the idea for this entry from your Writer PSA, by the way...I was having way too much fun thinking of things to add to your list that I made my own. :]

  3. I love this post! I think it's great you write out of order (even though it would drive me crazy too) because then you have great scenes and mini stories included in the big picture!

    Can't wait to hear more about #2 :)


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