Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Five...gotta love those YA boys!

Two weeks ago I picked my favorite YA girls, so now it's the boys' turn!

Top Five Favorite YA Boys

  1. Wes Baker (The Truth About Forever): He’s my number one Sarah Dessen boy. He’s an artist—making sculptures out of scrap metal—who works at his aunt’s catering company. Wes looks at things differently; he’s super insightful and doesn’t believe in being perfect.

  2. Jace Wayland (The Mortal Instruments series): Perhaps my favorite bad boy in all of YA. He’s sarcastic, gorgeous, AND he hunts demons. Not to mention, he’s a tortured soul. Does it get much better?

  3. Jonah Griggs (Jellicoe Road): He’s the Cadet leader in the territory wars and the boy who Taylor Markham (the MC) ran away from Jellicoe with at age fourteen to try and find her mom. He’s not afraid of a fight and has a tough exterior due to a violent childhood. Everyone says he killed his father, but no one knows the full story.

  4. Eli Stock (Along for the Ride): He used to be a professional BMX biker. Now he’s a loner and insomniac who works at a bike shop but never rides. He helps Auden on her quest to experience everything she missed as a child, all while trying to deal with a tragedy of his own.

  5. Joe Fontaine (The Sky is Everywhere): Joe is literally the sun. He constantly smiles, makes goofy comments, and falls head over heels for Lennie (the MC). He’s a musical genius, able to play the guitar, trumpet, and clarinet. A heart-on-his-sleeve guy is harder and harder to find in YA, and Joe just gives me butterflies!

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  1. Joe Fontaine... *sigh*

    But where is Etienne St. Clair?!?! :P


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