Sunday, December 11, 2011

bugging Tom Bailey

In order to get extra critiques from my professor on my short story, I've had to give im reminders on a regular basis. He's totally willing to read my story, but he insists "You have to bug me!" Part of me thinks he just wants to see how often I'll bother him about it. :) He's not the best with email (or he just chooses not to respond 90% of the time), so I was stunned when I actually got responses from him. They totally show his personality, so I thought I'd post them so you guys can see who I'm always talking about.

After my first email (keep in mind, my subject line was "my attempt at bugging you to read my story"):
Keep bugging me!  I am serious!
I'll be away this weekend..  I'll try to read it then.
You are doing GREAT!  

Just to let me know he hadn't forgotten (which made me smile):
hang in there....I hope to get to this this afternoon!

The one that made me breathe a sigh of relief (since my portfolio is due Thursday):
I just finished.  The story is MUCHMUCHMUCH better--the focus nearly dead on.
I have a few suggestions.  But this is not a big reworking, more like a REAL rewrite/quick editing. 
Can you meet tomorrow at 1:45?  I have a meeting with my novelists at 2:00.  Or we could make it 1:40.  That way we'll be sure to have enough time to talk.
Great job!
Let me know,

And just because this is classic Tom (after I told him I could meet):
I'm always running late, you know! But I will be there!

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  1. Glad it's going so well. My creative writing course is almost finished and I'm so bummed!


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