Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My semester so far and goals for the future

I’m halfway through fall semester, and so far I have:

-Written, workshopped, and revised one short story (about a girl who works for a hot air balloon crew)
-Written and workshopped my South Africa travel essay (I have a lot of revisions to do on this one)
-Written a partial draft of a second short story (about a girl who tries to convince her ten-year-old neighbor that she can hear ghosts speaking through her car radio)
-Written my midterm essay for Grammar about the Appalachian English dialect (I got to talk about moonshine and clan wars, it was awesome!)
-Gotten As on all my Living Writers essay quizzes so far, including the one I wrote about Tom Bailey’s short story, “Snow Dreams”
-Started a creative nonfiction piece about bride kidnapping
-House-sat for Tom Bailey (SO MUCH FUN, even though their water shut off halfway through the weekend and I thought I broke their house)

I’m also keeping busy with events for Zeta Tau Alpha, my sorority, and hanging out with my friends. This is absolutely my favorite semester so far, I can’t believe it’s halfway over already!

My goals for the second half of the semester are:

-Apply for grad schools (I need to get recommendations from professors, write my personal statement, and figure out what stories to put in my portfolio)
-Edit my South Africa travel essay
-Finish writing my second Advanced Fiction story and put it up for workshop
-Figure out what I’m doing for my Scholars House project (I’m thinking a portfolio of essays/stories about travel and my South Africa trip)
-Come up with an idea for my third Advanced Fiction short story
-Read a book for pleasure and not because I’m required to for school

Hope everybody’s autumn is going well so far. I’ve bought two pairs of boots in the past week and drinking pumpkin-flavored beverages!


  1. I'm so glad you're having an awesome semester. Enjoy every moment!

    (Also - YAY for new boots!)

  2. Hiya! Did you somehow manage to execute all the settings of your domain on your own or you got professional help?


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