Thursday, June 6, 2013


Most of the time, I try really hard not to present myself online as a squealing, overemotional tween (because I'm a pretty calm twenty-two year old adult). But last night when I looked at Twitter on my phone and saw that Sarah Dessen, my favorite author EVER (see: ALL blog posts and ALL tweets between Sunday and today), retweeted a tweet I'd posted about her book, I let out a few oh-em-gees. And by a few, I mean fifty million.

And then I took a screenshot of the retweet. And I Instagramed it. And tweeted it. And posted it on Facebook. And Tumblr.

Seriously, though, it's a BIG DEAL. My FACE is on Sarah's Twitter! And, of course, it's the picture of me getting hit in the face with my graduation tassel. :p Because of Sarah's retweet, 49 people have favorited it so far, 16 have retweeted it, and I have 4 new followers! :)

This whole thing honestly has made my mood skyrocket, and I'm super cheerful today. :) I've been having a really hard time since graduating, and this made things a little better.

*In case you were wondering, the tweet was in regards to a funny quote from ALONG FOR THE RIDE, one of Sarah's other books. Some of her characters make appearances in other books, which was the case in THE MOON AND MORE, and the character said the same thing she had in ALONG FOR THE RIDE.
**Tallyho is a club that none of the characters ever want to go to, so they always say "No, no, no to Tallyho."

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