Friday, April 4, 2014

Tips for fostering a love of books in our children

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Today's topic: Tips for fostering a love of books in our children

Hahaha! Kidding! I mean, I don’t have kids so I’m no expert, but that’s kind of what I plan to do (a little more gently, of course) if I do have kids one day.
My parents read to me (and with me once I started learning) every night when I was young, so I grew up surrounded by books. Reading was normal for me, something I always did and always would do. 

Before my hypothetical child is born, he or she will have a full set of Harry Potter books in the nursery, along with a massive Dr. Seuss collection (I’m partial to ONE FISH, TWO FISH, RED FISH, BLUE FISH and THE SNEETCHES), TUCK EVERLASTING, and as many ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN books as I can find.
I will surround him or her with books of all subjects and reading levels, and I will show my child how fun reading is.
I will not expect elementary school teachers to do that work for me and allow my child’s impressions to be formed by fellow students who think reading is a drag.
I will be proactive. I will share my favorite books with my kid but not force him or her to love them as much as I do. I will take my child to bookstores on the weekend and let them pick out their own books to read, whatever they want.
That’s my plan.
What's yours?


  1. Already have a set secured for my child's nursery. Is that pathetic???

    1. Not at all! I cannot tell you how many times I've almost bought the box set of redesigned covers!!! THE CASTLE ON THE SPINE! It takes all my restraint to walk away whenever I see them.


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