Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Characters I'd Want with Me on a Deserted Island

When I think island, I automatically think of LOST and its mysterious island of polar bears and smoke monsters, so I went with the mentality of picking characters who’d help me get off the island (or at least not starve to death on it or be killed in a pirate attack or something). Thanks to The Broke and the Bookish for such a fun Top Ten Tuesday! 

Top Ten Characters I'd Want with Me on a Deserted Island

1. Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games) – She’s kind of done this already…the whole Quarter Quell thing. Maybe the rebels would come and rescue us!

2. Four (Divergent) – Pretty sure he can survive anything. Also, those muscles and tattoos would be nice to look at…

3. Cinder (Lunar Chronicles) – She could hack into a satellite and project our SOS call all over the world. We’d be off that island in an hour!

4. Celaena Sardothian (Throne of Glass) – If our deserted island becomes not so deserted anymore, she can beat any invaders no problem!

5. Finnick Odair (Hunger Games) – I could strap myself to him and he could swim us off that island! At the very least, he’ll catch lots of fish to feed us. And be something pretty to look at.

6. Rowan (Wanderlove) – He spends most of his time exploring Central American islands. He’ll know how to string up a hammock and chill!

7. Cassie Sullivan (The 5th Wave) – Awesome survival skills. She’ll be much needed, especially if aliens decide to invade our island.

8. Liam (The Darkest Minds) – He’ll bring a much needed dose of positivity to our situation. Plus he’s adorable!

9. Cath (Fangirl) – I need someone to talk about books with when times get tough!

10. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) – The cleverest witch of her age would definitely help us survive on the island. Or, you know, she could just make a Portkey out of a coconut and transport us home…

How about you? Who would be on your deserted island survival team?

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  1. Great selection - Katniss and Finnick made my list, too. ^__^ I love that you included Cinder, she's definitely one of my favourite heroines. :D


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