Monday, February 16, 2015

Writer Recharge: Week Two!

Once again hosted by Alison MillerLiz ParkerElodie Nowodazkij Sara Biren, and Katy Upperman, Writer Recharge is your chance for a four-week jump start in the middle of a cold, dreary winter. Set goals for yourself, check in once a week, and connect with other recharging writers.

Finished Week Two of Writer Recharge!

WRITE/REVISE: I completely rewrote a story (a different one than I originally intended because my thesis director wanted to see this one), changing the narrative style from third to first person. It really, really made the story click. I'll still have revisions to do, but I'm happy with its direction. This story had stumped me for over a year!

  • This week, I want to revise/rewrite my currently untitled story about two brothers (the one I thought I'd work on last week). 
  • I also have more edits for "The Asteroid Theory" from my advisor (including, unfortunately, a likely title change. *cries* I had such a crush on this title, too...sighhhhh) to do.  
READ/REREAD: I finished DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE! The last 25% of the book got a little crazy and I loved it! Didn't make much progress on THE SECRET HUM OF A DAISY, though, but started another thesis book instead.
  • This week I want to finish the other thesis book I'm reading, IF I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO BE THIS BEAUTIFUL, I NEVER WOULD HAVE LET YOU GO.

SELF: I didn't make it to the gym because I have to walk there and our temperatures have been in the negative degrees lately. But I did do yoga in my apartment for an hour yesterday, so I count that as a success!
  • This week I'm going to try and keep up with the yoga and maybe run at the gym on one of my days off this weekend.
Good luck with your writing/reading/other goals this week, everyone!


  1. You should definitely count yoga as a success :) Congrats on your rewrite! Cheering you on for this week, Kaitlin!

  2. So happy to year your story totally clicked for you. Isn't it weird how changing something like POV or tense can just change our whole outlook on a project? I've definitely experienced that. That's a bummer about the title change. I'm not sure how well I'll cope with that if I'm ever lucky enough to get published and am ever faced with a title change. Hope whatever you come up with is something you love even more!

  3. I'm with you on the yoga goal -- one of my favorite types of exercise! And I think your freezing temperatures are a totally legit excuse to skip the gym. Can I just say -- IF I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO BE THIS BEAUTIFUL, I NEVER WOULD HAVE LET YOU GO is an incredible book title. I can't wait to hear what you think of it. Best of luck with your goals this week, Kaitlin!


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