Friday, June 10, 2011

The Friday Five!

It's Friday! To celebrate, I'm starting a new series on this blog: The Friday Five (a la Sarah Dessen). Every Friday, I'll post a fun list of top fives relating to books/writing/random things if I can't think of anything better.

So here's the kickoff post: Top Five Fictional Characters I'd Love To Live Next Door To
  1. Alaska Young (Looking for Alaska): Truthfully, I’d probably be a little terrified of her, since she’s impulsive and self-destructive and a full-time smoker (aka everything I’m not). But she’d drag me out of my dorm to find some mischief, which I need more of. Plus we could swap books since we both have massive collections. I would insist on driving everywhere, though; her “breaks optional” mentality would send me into heart failure.

  2. Magnus Bane (The Mortal Instruments): A sarcastic warlock with the most ostentatious wardrobe choices ever. He’s been throwing the greatest parties for the past few hundred years, which would probably keep me up all night since I’d be living next door. So of course I’d have to attend them! Although I’m not sure what I’d wear. Maybe he’d let me borrow his glitter…

  3. Wes Baker (The Truth About Forever): Because I’m convinced he’s perfect.

  4. Mia Thermopolis (The Princess Diaries series): She’s funny and slightly awkward (my type of friend). Plus she’s a princess and could give me rides to the mall in a limo and invite me to VIP functions like the next Royal Wedding. And no one would ever mess with us because her bodyguard would break their faces.

  5. The Weasleys (Harry Potter series): Okay, so this is technically more than one person, but I don’t care. The Weasleys just give off this cozy vibe (maybe it’s the red hair and homemade sweaters), and I just want to eat dinner at the Burrow every night. And to have my own Weasley sweater.


  1. What a fun idea for a series! I'm looking forward to reading your lists each week :)

  2. Thanks Shari! I love making little lists like this, we'll see how long I can come up with new topics! :]

  3. I love this post! Ahh I'd love to live next to Mia or anyone in Harry Potter really :)


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