Monday, August 6, 2012

Where We Belong review

I finished Where We Belong, Emily Giffin’s latest book, over the weekend. Like I said in my earlier post, I was nervous about reading this book because I don’t read much women’s fiction. I’m all about being able to relate to the characters, and I’ve always had it in my head that I can’t relate to characters in their thirties for some reason. So not surprisingly, the reason I picked up this book was an eighteen-year-old girl character named Kirby.

Kirby is adopted and searching for a reason why her personality is so different from her adoptive family. She decides her birth mother holds the answers, so she sets out to find her. Marian is now a thirty-eight year old successful TV producer/writer living in NYC who can’t get her boyfriend to take their relationship to the next step. When Kirby shows up at her door, Marian is forced to confront the past she has avoided for so long, including some unresolved feelings for Kirby’s biological father.

I flew through this book in two days. I’d been having a tough time getting through the books I’d read so far this summer, not reading as fast as I would’ve liked, so Where We Belong was a nice change of pace. The chapters alternated between Marian and Kirby, some from the point of view of eighteen-year-old Marian. I think it made the book go faster than if it had been told from one character’s POV. Kirby was easily my favorite character, and I loved her tone and acting-like-a-slacker-but-actually-very-intelligent personality. I liked Marian more than I expected to, especially after Emily Giffin talked at the signing about how unlikable Marian could be. I didn’t find her unpleasant, actually. Plenty naive (as a teenager, and even a little bit as an adult), sure, but not unlikable.

Where We Belong is the perfect summer read. Easy to fly through, some witty lines, poignant moments, and a memorable cast of characters. The story follows a pretty standard adoption path, but there were some twists I didn’t expect. If you’re a YA fan starting to age out of beach reads and super cliché high school romance stories, this book might be good to ease you into “grown up books.”

Have you read Where We Belong? Are you an Emily Giffin fan? What other books of her's are good (this was my first Giffin book)? Thoughts on the transition from reading YA to adult novels?

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  1. You know, even though Kirby was my favorite character, I actually really like Marian, too (and Conrad!). I cringed when her first instinct was to take Kirby shopping, but like you said, that was more naiveté than snobbishness. I loved how Marian evolved, too - such a nice parallel between how Kirby affected her and how she affected Kirby.

    I'm so glad you ended up enjoying the book! As for Emily's other ones - none have a YA-aged character, but they really are so good still. WWB is my new favorite, and my order after that is Baby Proof, Something Blue, Something Borrowed (though it would make sense to read that one before SoBlue), Heart of the Matter, and Love the One You're With. I flew through all her other ones in two days, sometimes even one!


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