Monday, July 15, 2013

Liebster and fun facts!

Jenn over at Inspiration+Faith=LOVE nominated me for a Liebster Award. Woohoo! I'm really awful with nominations and that sort of thing, so I thought I'd just post my answers/fun facts and whoever wants to join in can. :)

Jenn’s Questions for Me
1. What is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? Write (although I’m not sure I should count this because it’s my focus in school and I do it in lieu of having free time) or read. When I’m feeling particularly vegetative, I watch episode after episode of my favorite shows on DVD (currently LOST).
2. What is your favorite city and/or state to visit? Nashville, TN.
3. What is your favorite television show? Castle is my favorite show that’s currently on TV, but I still love Gilmore Girls and LOST even though they aren’t airing anymore.
4. Have you met anyone famous? Who? I met a few famous people when I was younger. My favorites are Carrie Underwood and Lady Antebellum.
5. What are some of your biggest goals? To publish a novel, find a career I love, and figure out where I’m going to live long-term after grad school.
6. What is the last movie you saw in the theater? The Heat – so funny!
7. Have you ever broken a bone? Which? No, knock on wood!
8. Favorite alcoholic beverage? (I think everyone is of age, LOL). If it’s mixed with any type of juice, I’ll drink it! I'm not super picky.
9. Favorite outdoor activity? Sitting in the sun and reading a book.
10. How long have you been blogging? I’ve only been on Blogger about two years, but I’ve had various blogs since I was about 13.
11. What is the last milestone you accomplished in life? Graduating college with my Bachelor’s in creative writing.


Eleven Random Facts
1.       I know the words to 99.9% of the country songs that have been released to radio since 2005.
2.       I’m a sister of Zeta Tau Alpha, and joining was the second best decision I’ve made so far in life.
3.       I’ve been scared of birds ever since I was hit by one when I was eighteen.
4.       I transferred schools between my sophomore and junior year of college.
5.       I’m obsessed with coffee. Sometimes I Google pictures of coffee when I can’t drink it. I occasionally drink decaf just for the taste of coffee (also because I went through serious caffeine withdrawal last summer and the headaches were murder). I want to start collecting coffee mugs. It’s a problem.
6.       I did not want to graduate college. But I thought being forcibly removed from campus after handcuffing myself to a bench would’ve been a little embarrassing, so I walked across the stage instead.
7.       My favorite foods are ice cream and French toast.
8.       Traveling to South Africa last summer was one of the best experiences I’ve had in life so far.
9.       I was a music kid in high school (concert choir, show choir, spring musical). I haven’t really done any singing since graduating from high school, and it kind of makes me sad.
10.   I play guitar.
11.   I have a girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence.

Care to share some fun facts about yourself? :)


  1. Thanks for joining in Kaitlin! Loved your answers and facts! Especially the high-school singing! I miss it so much too. Congrats on graduating and good luck in grad school!

    1. Thanks again for nominating was fun! :)

      And gotta love the high school singing stuff, I miss it so much!

  2. Oh boy, I still remember your story about meeting Carrie like it was yesterday ... so crazy how long it's been! Where in the world does the time go?

    1. OF COURSE i was the person whose camera froze. :p She solidified her kindness in my eyes that day. :)


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