Thursday, July 18, 2013

Love List for my WIP!

I first heard about Love Lists from Katy Upperman. She's written several posts about them recently (which you should definitely read), saying how they've helped motivate her to continue on with whatever story she's writing at the time. She learned about Love Lists from a guest post Stephanie Perkins wrote for Natalie Whipple's blog (which you should totally read, too).

I was inspired to make my own little Love List for my current WIP, THE NEW WORLD. I might add to it as I come up with more ideas, but here's what I love about it so far:

Insightful and caring teachers
Rebellious teenagers
Middle grade books
Coming-of-age moments
School libraries
Encyclopedia Brown
Loyalty between sisters
Rediscovering my own middle school experiences

Yard sales

Tada! What are you loving about your current project?


  1. Great love list, Kaitlin! I like reading other writers' love lists and getting a sneak peek at the fun little details in their WIPs. The things that really stand out to me in your list are: coming-of-age moments and the complexities of being a military family. Those really grab my attention. :)

    1. Thanks Jaime! The coming-of-age theme is HUGE in this story, but it's a younger one than I normally deal with (my MC is 12 instead of my usual 17/18/19 year old MC). And I'm glad you're interested in the military aspect! It's been super fun to write because my family is retired military. I love getting to pull from real life experiences for the story!

  2. Oh, what a fun idea! The yard sale one piques my curiosity -- is their family having a sale or attending it?!

    1. Attending! Once a month, always on Saturday, the base has yard sale day where everyone who needs to get rid of stuff will have a sale. Everyone else can walk around and shop. Bowie goes on a hunt for cheap paperbacks! :)

  3. Aww, love lists make me smile :) I did one for my last MS but I think I'll have to give it another try for my WIP! I like the "loyalty between sisters" part :)

    1. Thanks Rebecca! :) This is my first-ever love list, and I'm definitely going to make it a habit with each WIP from here on out. I'm having fun writing the relationshp between my two sister characters, especially since I don't have a sister of my own. I love living vicarously through my characters!


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