Monday, August 19, 2013

Upcoming Movie Adaptations

I've written several posts about movie adaptations ofbooks. Since the next year is full of them, I thought it was time for another post! Here are some of the movie adaptations I’m looking forward to (or am nervous for) and why.

CITY OF BONES: Book 1 of Cassandra Clare’s THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series

I’ve been waiting a long time for this movie to come about. I started reading TMI four or five years ago, right before CITY OF GLASS came out because Cassandra was doing an event at a local bookstore and I wanted to know what the fuss was about. The movie has been in talks and in progress since about that time. Of course I made up the casting in my head: Molly Quinn and Alex Pettyfer (because EVERY snarky YA bad boy is Alex Pettyfer in my head), so I’m not sure what to think about the actual cast. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, though, and will be going to see it when it hits theaters.

I’m excited for: the meshing of the NYC world with the Shadowhunters and demons, snarky Jace banter, Magnus Bane
I’m nervous about: Jaime Campbell Bower, the Shadowhunters’ seemingly British accents (supposed to be Idris accents?), the casting in general minus Magnus

CATCHING FIRE: Book 2 of THE HUNGER GAMES series by Suzanne Collins

This is the movie I am most excited for this year. CATCHING FIRE is my favorite of the trilogy, and after Jennifer Lawrence proved herself to be the perfect Katniss (at least in my eyes. Say what you will about Hollywood “whitewashing” Katniss, but Jennifer has her character down perfectly) during the first movie, I have faith that this one will be excellent.

I’m excited for: the victory tour, Katniss/Gale (I’m not a Peeta fan, please don’t throw loaves of bread at my head, everyone!), Cinna, tick tock, tick tock, the arena is a clock
I’m nervous about: the script (Suzanne Collins was one of the writers for THG script, and it stayed super close to the book. I hope CF doesn’t stray too much)

DIVERGENT: by Veronica Roth

Unlike CITY OF BONES I feel like this movie has the potential to be the next HUNGER GAMES. Shailene isn’t the Tris I pictured, but then again, JLaw wasn’t how I pictured Katniss and I think she’s perfect now. I’m waiting until the trailer comes out to pass judgment, though.

I’m excited for: everything Dauntless (jumping on trains, jumping off buildings, training, knife throwing, capture the flag), the Ferris wheel, the fear simulator
I’m nervous about: Shailene (especially her ability to get out from under her Secret Life reputation), Theo James as Four


This is still way, way in the future, but now that there are names attached to the project, it’s real enough for me to talk about. This book makes my heart hurt and giggle at the same time, and I really hope the movie can do the same. I hope it’s not marketed as a Cancer Movie because it’s not a Cancer Book. It’s a book about two people who happen to have cancer. There’s a difference, I promise.

I’m excited for: Augustus, Isaac, Hazel’s sarcastic inner dialogue
I’m nervous about: the fact that the actors playing Hazel and Augustus are currently playing brother and sister in Divergent, Shailene (I promise I’m not a Shailene Woodley hater. She just isn’t who I pictured, but I’m open to see what she can do), the script losing John Green’s signature sarcasm

Now that I’ve put all my opinions out there, what are your thoughts? What upcoming adaptations are you excited for/nervous about?


  1. Replies
    1. That would be SO awesome! I feel like they've been talking about it for years...time to finally do it!

  2. SO excited for the Hunger Games, of course. The trailers are beyond amazing and I love me some Jennifer.

    Also, so very very nervous for The Fault in Our Stars. :(

    1. I'm way waaaayyy nervous for TFIOS. I'm trying to give the whole thing the benefit of the doubt...I heard Shailene cut her hair off over the weekend, so at least she's dedicated to the role? Ugh, idk. We'll see.


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