Friday, September 27, 2013

One month into MFA: Still afloat!

5 weeks of classes down, 10 to go. It's crazy how time flies when you read books all the time!

Here's the past month in a nutshell:
-8 books read so far
-4 workshops (Each person reads 3-5 pages of their story aloud in class and is workshopped on the spot. So we're all workshopped each week in class)
-An A- on my first story (My professor said she didn't give out anything higher than that) and the name of a literary magazine to submit it to once it's revised
-2 presentations
-1 visiting writer (Wiley Cash...he's hilarious and his book is AMAZING!)

And that's just class. I'm also working as a grad assistant in the Student Activities office, helping plan the campus traditional events (Battle of the Classes, Halloween Dinner, Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday Ball). Tomorrow is the campus talent show, so I'll be up at 9am, supervising rehearsals. Setup/prep starts at 5pm and I work straight through until the end of the show, probably around 10:30. Going to be INSANE.

Spent some time reading outside today because the weather was so nice. Enjoying it while I can!


  1. Just reading about your schedule makes me tired! ;-) It sounds like all is going well, though. Congrats on the awesome grade -- and yay for submitting to a literary magazine!

    1. Thanks Shari! Just reading about it makes me tired, too. :) Trying my best to stay on top of everything!


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