Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Trying to keep my entries short and sweet recently. Here we go!

What I’m Reading
I finished CROWN OF MIDNIGHT (holy goodness I LOVE this series!) but gave up on Pam Houston’s CONTENTS MAY HAVE SHIFTED 200 pages in. I then read a different book for school, Dinty Moore’s BETWEEN PANIC AND DESIRE, in one sitting. It was a short and really interesting book, a cultural memoir about major US events from the 50s to 9/11. Now I’m reading SHADOW AND BONE by Leigh Bardugo and loving it so far. Hoping to marathon the entire trilogy this week now that RUIN AND RISING is out!

What I’m Writing
Still revising my partial draft of TNW from last summer. I’m also slowly writing a few new scenes for the second half of the draft. Nothing too exciting this week!

What Inspires Me Lately
Ready. Set. WRITE! Check out my week 2 update here.

What Else is New
My grandma and uncle have been here since Saturday, so we’ve gone out to eat a few times, which is always delicious. I also made two trips to Rita’s Water Ice over the weekend…YUM!

One of the girls on the Belize/Guatemala trip has connections with a t-shirt printer, so we had shirts made after the trip. Mine came yesterday! The front says “BELIZE IT OR NOT 2014!” and the back says “GUATEVER! Chatham University field seminar 2014.” I’m loving it!  


  1. Such a cute t-shirt! Love it!
    I'm excited to read Ruin & Rising- I love that series!

  2. Hooray for enjoying good books ^_^

    Have a lovely time with your family.

  3. I love Sarah J. Maas' series so much! Can't wait until HEIR OF FIRE is out! My copy of RUIN AND RISING showed up yesterday, so I really need to get reading that one. :-) I'm so happy RSW is inspiring you. It's inspiring me too! Have a wonderful week, Kaitlin! :D


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