Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Coffee Break!

Happy National Coffee Day! Seems like every day is National (Something) Day, but this one I embrace wholeheartedly. I’ve been wanting to start this new feature on my blog for a while, and what better day to kick it off than National Coffee Day?

So grab a cup, fill it with coffee/tea/cinnamon cocoa (if you’re a Once Upon A Time lover) and let’s chat about the week!
Writing news
BIG stuff happening: Last night, I finished my first draft of my WiP, HALFWAY TO HONDURAS!!!! It’s full of holes and loose threads, but then again, so are some of my favorite sweaters. It’s sitting at 76K, which I’m so happy about—I’d been shooting for 65-70K.

I’m not taking much of a break from it, though. The blog YABuccaneers is hosting a Fall Writing Bootcamp during the month of October, and I’ve already signed up to participate. Revisions, here I come! (If you’re interested in participating in the bootcamp, check it out here)

Books I’m loving
I just read and reviewed Aaron Hartzler’s WHAT WE SAW. Tough subject matter but I loved the way it was written. I also binge-read CRACKED UP TO BE and SOME GIRLS ARE by Courtney Summers. I’m into the dark subject matter lately, I guess.
On my TV
Speaking of dark subject matter, can we PLEASE talk about DarkSwan on Once Upon A Time??? (Slight spoilers for season 4 finale and season 5 premiere if you haven’t seen ABC’s previews)

Sunday’s premiere was amazing, and Jennifer Morrison rocked it, especially that ending scene. She’s turning me into a major Emma Swan fan! I’ve always been able to take or leave the character, but the final scene of season 4 TOTALLY got me. (I’m a majorly weepy OUAT fan—I cry at EVERYTHING—so seeing Emma stab the dagger into the darkness and having it surround her made me bawl.)
I can’t wait to see what this new season holds! I’m so happy my Sunday nights include a mug full of hot cocoa with cinnamon and OUAT on my TV again…it’s been a LONG summer!

Through the camera lens
I’ve recently become interested in photography and photo editing. Super beginner stuff, just with my iPhone camera and apps so far, but I’m having fun setting up shots and enhancing them. Here are my two favorites from last week:

Totally broke the "absolutely no cameras" rule at my gym to nab this shot.

Then the author of this book, Courtney Summers, found the picture on my Twitter!  

And that’s a wrap on my first-ever Coffee Break! What have you been writing/reading/watching this week?


  1. Ahhh -- I am just reading this now, but HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on finishing the first draft!! I'm super excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it! :)

    1. Thanks Shari! I owe you an email soon! :)


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