Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Currently: Book signings & signed books edition!

Linking up with Katy Upperman for another "Currently" post! Here's what I'm currently...
Books of Wonder! I cannot sing their praises enough. This indie bookstore in NYC has amazing signed/personalized preorder opportunities for YA novels as well as a huge selection of already-signed books they’ll ship to you. Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas, Maggie Stiefvater…so many authors go through Books of Wonder on their tours. I got my personalized Emery Lord books from there, and I finally ordered my own copy of I’LL MEET YOU THERE, one of my favorite books of 2015, as well as SOMETHING REAL (both signed by Heather Demetrios). Thanks to the library I’ve cut back on book-buying. Now when I do buy books, I go on treasure hunts to find signed copies. It’s like a mini-adventure!


Rereading SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE, my favorite Morgan Matson book. I’m going to her Princeton tour stop for her new release, THE UNEXPECTED EVERYTHING, and can’t wait!
*Also, MAJOR cover love for SYBG. The entire book jacket design is one of my faves!
Still (slowly) marathoning Parenthood. I’m loving the Season 2 plotline with Michael B. Jordan!
Listening To

THE PARTICULAR SADNESS OF LEMON CAKE audiobook. I have the physical book and have been meaning to finish it forever (but always wind up putting it down), so I thought I’d give the audiobook a try. The narrator isn’t anything special, unfortunately—although after Jim Dale, any narrator is bound to fall short.
Thinking About
How much my mom loves her Mother’s Day Keurig! We make a ridiculous number of trips to Dunkin Donuts, so she decided to get a Keurig to cut back a little. She loves it so far!

The Morgan Matson book signing in Princeton next Thursday! She’s one of my favorite contemporary authors, and judging from her Instagram, looks like she’s got lots of fun stuff planned for her events.
For this week to fly by! It’s only Tuesday but I’m already ready for the weekend.
Making Me Happy
Buying my FIRST serious big girl planner! Yes, I’m still on the academic year schedule (20+ years of school is hard to shake in 1 year of the real world) but I like to re-evaluate my life midway through the year anyway. Of course, I was a space cadet and accidentally put my work office’s zip code instead of my home zip (this is what happens when you do all your department’s credit card orders and the numbers are engrained in your brain), so I had to email customer service to get it switched. Can I just sing the praises of Inkwell’s customer communications department? They got back to me in two minutes, saying they’d made the change. STELLAR!
Check out the planner I chose – I’m so excited!

That's all for now...have a great week!


  1. I finally thought I'd broken the academic year cycle, and then I had kids. If you told me the new year started in July, I'd believe you.

    And I agree completely about the cover of SYBG. Love it! Have a great time at the signing. :D

    1. It's a difficult mentality to shake, that's for sure! I'm so used to starting my year in late summer/early fall. Have a great week, Kate!:)

    2. I'm just going with it. I have years of kids in school ahead of me, and I think it takes the pressure off the new years so that I'm less artificial deadline obsessed.

  2. My mom wanted kitchen stuff for Mother's Day, too, one of those spiralizers. She had a little one, but now she's unstoppable with her new one :)

    Have fun at the book signing!

    1. Kitchen stuff is so fun to shop for, I think! My mom and I love the appliance section of Target. :)

  3. Yes! I'm going to Morgan Matson this coming Monday and I'm SO EXCITED. I love all of her books, but AMY & ROGER'S EPIC DETOUR is among my top five favorite YAs ever. I hope you have a blast meeting her. Also, I'm so excited that you got an InkWell planner! I adore mine, and I hope you did too -- it's so pretty! Have a wonderful week, Kaitlin! <3

    1. I can't wait to meet Morgan! <3 I just saw your pictures from the event on Instagram...looks like you had a great time!

      My InkWell planner came last week and I'm having fun flipping through it. Such a high quality planner! Can't wait until I can start using it in July. :)


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