Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Currently: Hamilton Edition

It's time to link up with Katy Upperman once again for a "Currently" post. Here's what I'm currently...
Hamilton! I knew the entire world was obsessed with this Broadway show, but I put off listening to it for the longest time. I don’t know anything about rap or hip-hop, so part of me was scared I wouldn’t like the show. OF COURSE I was wrong. The soundtrack is amazing, and I listen to it every day! The storytelling and writing are top notch, and the creator/star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is beyond talented (and seems SO genuine and kind).  
Trying to be more engaged with politics has led me to LIVING HISTORY, Hillary Clinton’s autobiography from 2004. I’m only sixty pages in, but her life has been super interesting to read about so far. She was the first student graduation speaker at her university (allowed, with much reservation, by the university president), and her speech was pretty polarizing. Afterward, she went for a swim in the lake by her dorm, and the university president ordered campus security to confiscate the clothes Hillary had left behind. Thankfully she was wearing a bathing suit, but she still had to go to the campus security office, dripping wet, to reclaim her clothes! The president said she regretted letting Hillary speak, but Hillary got much attention for her speech, and it helped open doors for her. I was stunned reading that part – what a petty university president!

The Hamilton cast performance from last Sunday’s Tony Awards. This is what finally convinced me to learn more about the show. This song has been stuck in my head ever since!
Listening To
One guess. Although, in addition to the Hamilton soundtrack, I’m listening to HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS on audiobook. Now that I’m older, different parts are striking a chord with me. Particularly the Muggle-born Registration Commission, where the (corrupted) Ministry of Magic requires all Muggle-borns to present themselves for registration and investigation. They are thought to have stolen magic if no magical relative can be traced in their bloodline. So relevant in today’s society.   
Thinking About
My mini-trip to Philly this Thursday with friends. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is being shown with live orchestra accompaniment, which sounds beyond cool! Does any movie have a score like Harry Potter? The music is THE BEST!
My copy of HAMILTON: THE REVOLUTION is arriving in the mail today! Pictures and lyrics from the show, paired with footnotes from Lin-Manuel Miranda. I love peeking behind-the-scenes of Broadway!
I hope you’ll check out my short story, “Holes to Fill.” The Passed Note published it in its first-ever issue last week!
Making Me Happy
Memories from last weekend’s NYC trip with two of my best friends! We explored Central Park (and rented a rowboat!), ate New York pizza/bagels/brunch, and saw The Lion King. The show was fantastic, of course! I saw it four years ago with my mom and brother, and there were things I’d forgotten about. It was fun to be surprised all over again.

That's what I've been up to! How about you?

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  1. Deathly Hollows, along with Prisoner of Azkaban, is my favorite HP book. Like you mentioned, there are some really profound elements, and I found Voldemort's past fascinating. And hello -- biggest congrats on having "Holes to Fill" published! That's the coolest, and I can't wait to check it out! Hope you're having an awesome weekend, and have a wonderful time in Philly next week!


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