Monday, July 30, 2012

5 Books I Would Like to See as Movies

When I read, I picture the story as a movie in my head. I cast people as the characters and try to hear their voices in my head. I'm not sure if that's weird, it's just how I do it. Here are the books I would love to see made into movies: 

1. Divergent: Honestly, I’m just waiting for the official announcement at this point. Once Hunger Games is almost over, the Divergent series will be able to move into top spot as The Next Big Thing. And they’d better cast Paul Wesley as Four. Just saying.

2. Looking for Alaska: I just want to see Alaska Young on the big screen. I have such a writer crush on that character, it’s a little embarrassing.

3. The Truth About Forever: My favorite Sarah Dessen book. I want Wes to be real. That's really all I need in life.

4. Jellicoe Road: Another book that I’m obsessed with, a unique cast of characters, and a plot with lots of twists and turns (while still being calm).

5. Shine: I think a movie of this book would really make a statement about the views/opinions of many people about drugs/homosexuality/abuse. It would definitely be PG-13, and I can picture it winning big at movie festivals like Sundance, sort of how Winter’s Bone played out.

I've talked about all these books on my blog if you want to know more. I highly recommend reading them all. Check out my first two posts in this series, Top 5 Movie Adaptations and Anticipated Movie Adaptations for more movie fun!

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