Monday, August 11, 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE! (Week 10)

Ready. Set. WRITE! is a summer writing intensive hosted by Jaime MorrowErin FunkKaty Upperman, and Alison Miller. Every Monday we post our progress toward the goals we made at the beginning. Here's my update for the week!

I'M BACK FROM MY SUMMER CLASS! Trying to get back into my routine has been a challenge for sure. 

How I did on last week’s goals
My goal for the past few weeks was to write one good short story draft during my summer writing intensive for grad school. I accomplished this a few times over, thanks to my newfound love of supershort stories/flash fiction. Many of them still need some edits, but I generated a lot of material!

My goals for this week
I’m taking it easy after two weeks of nothing but writing. I want to get back into my WIP, TALLYHO, after putting it aside for the writing intensive. I’m not setting word count goals…I just want to write SOMETHING for it this week while I try to reestablish my routine.

A favorite line from my story
I spent my afternoon chewing on my hair at the library reference desk, occasionally reshelving some books, the same summer job I’ve had since I was sixteen. I have a dual degree in marketing and journalism, and yet my most useful moment of the day was when a little girl asked for books to help her learn magic and I directed her toward Harry Potter.

The biggest challenge I faced this week
Balancing writing while going to work to make up some of the hours I missed during my writing intensive. Geez, grad school just messes up everything sometimes! ;)

Something I love about my WIP

I’m going to talk about the stories I wrote during my summer class. They’re short, usually one scene, but I’ve realized how powerful just one scene can be if it’s done right. I hope with some revision, mine can have the same power. 

Hope you all have a great writing week!


  1. Love the lines and I think you packed a punch in only this short paragraph! Good luck with balancing, you can doooo it :-)

  2. Your excerpt is so cute! Gotta love an MC who's a Harry Potter fan. :-) Best of luck with your goal this week. Sounds low-pressure, which seems perfect for getting back into the swing of things. Have a great week, Kaitlin!

  3. I absolutely ADORE that excerpt! And yay for love of writing and short stories! Good luck with your goals this week!

  4. Tallyho! I love that for a title, so cool. Happy writing to you this week!


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