Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Joining Katy Upperman for her "Currently" post (I'm a day late!) this week!

I’m writing a new short story! My first since graduating with my MFA! I’m writing in third person, past tense, which is one of my least used POVs (I’m much more a first person gal). I don’t know, it just came out that way. It’s a companion to one of my thesis stories, takes place eight years later, and it’s been fun revisiting the characters.

I just finished reading WINTER, the final book in the Lunar Chronicles. Oh. My. Goodness. This book is perfect and I loved every second of reading it! It’s 827 pages but the paper used for the book is super thin, so it looks smaller than CRESS. But don’t judge based on its size, this book is a monster and the characters go through SO MUCH from beginning to end. It was amazing!
I’m currently rereading CLOCKWORK ANGEL just because I’ve wanted to reread Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series for a while. And then next up is VIOLENT ENDS, a book about a school shooting (and the people involved) that I won from Katy Upperman’s blog giveaway. I’ve been having book ADD recently, reading 50 pages of a book and then skipping to another book, over and over. I need to commit!
The 2-hour Once Upon A Time event from Sunday. Mindblowing things happened! Sunday was also the day I finished reading WINTER, and I think it was all too much for me to handle. Fairytale emotional overload!
Listening To
Kip Moore! I’m seeing him in concert this weekend and need a little refresher on his songs.
Thinking About
Paris. </3 The news coverage has been heartbreaking and hard to watch.
I’m heading to Texas for a long weekend to visit one of my grad school friends! That’s where the Kip Moore concert is going to be. I haven’t seen my friend since graduation in May, and it’s been way too long!
 Hoping everything goes smoothly with my flight to Texas. The flight leaves at 6:20 AM, so I’ll have to wake up around 2:30, but I prefer early morning flights…less people, less craziness. Even though it’s domestic, I’m preparing myself for heightened security because of everything happening right now. Cross your fingers for an easy trip!
Making Me Happy
Mockingjay: Part Two comes out on Friday! By Friday night I’ll be a weeping puddle on the ground, but for right now, I’m super happy and excited to see it. Critics have been saying this is the best and most emotionally satisfying Hunger Games movie.
What have you been up to lately?

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