Thursday, August 2, 2012

South Africa: A Week at Mdumbi (part 3)

On our last weekend at Mdumbi, we had a party with our guides to thank them for all the work they did for us. We danced in the back room behind the dining area...
...and then headed down to the beach for a bonfire.
The fire was ENORMOUS. I felt like my face was melting off when I got close enough to roast a marshmallow!
I was concerned about my clothes catching on fire even though we weren't actually that close to the fire.
Sunday was our last full day. We went to a church service (ran by Boniwe, the woman who'd dressed us up and had us do chores) and, even though the only words I understood were "Jesus" and "Satan," I had fun. The children sang songs, and then we were invited up front to sing, too. So we did a rousing rendition of Jesus Loves Me.

And then we headed to the beach!
The view of the beach from a sand bar

We left Mdumbi Monday morning, and I was really sad to leave. I'd grown to love the people I met, the food I ate, the dogs running around (except for the stray dog that wandered into the backpackers and kept breaking into our hut and running around like a crazy dog while we tried to sleep.). I'd even grown fond of the bathrooms!
Bree and me with Sibongile, our stellar guide!
Eko, everybody's favorite dog at Mdumbi!
And a bonus picture...
Eko sleeping on my feet!!!!
That's all from Mdumbi! On to East London and more adventures!

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