Sunday, January 13, 2013

Monthly Resolutions: January

Grow up
This isn't to say I can't continue obsessing over Disney princesses (I had Tangled decorations for my 22nd birthday on Tuesday) and eating animal crackers. I just need to start some more adult habits, particularly in regards to money.
-Start putting money in my savings account every month
-Balance my checkbook more frequently
-Prep for job market (fix my LinkedIn profile, update resumes)
-Pay off my car (or have it paid off by May)
-Do Bentley work (my part-time job, I work from school during the semester) even when I'm not in the office

Since it's almost the middle of the month already, I'll do a quick check-in of what I've accomplished so far. I've updated my LinkedIn profile and a few of my resumes, though I have a few other resumes that need some tweaking. I balanced my checkbook and am aiming to write down purchases right after I make them. Also, I have this ridiculous fear of using the phone/calling people I don't know well, but on my birthday I spent an hour on the phone to set up my new iPhone. It's cheating a little, because I've talked to the girl who helped me before, so I sort of know her (aka. I know she's super nice and not scary and mean), but still. I'm counting it as a grown-up thing!

Here's to hoping I can keep this up!

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