Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm playing a little bit of catch-up right now with my monthly goals. Here are my updates for March and April!

March: Writing

I took on a crazy amount of projects for my last semester at SU, and they didn’t all get done. I ended up dropping my senior honors project because it was just too much on top of everything else. I would’ve had to present my project to the department and field questions, and I didn’t feel comfortable presenting something that wasn’t my best work. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew” is definitely a lesson I learned this semester. I always think I can get everything done, but I’ve realized that I have limits and priorities. I spent time with my friends (friends who I won’t see daily anymore) instead of hiding away in the library, working on portfolios that I don’t have to do. Like I said, priorities.
I did, however, complete three other projects this semester, and I did a fair amount of work on them during March. I completely revamped the plot of my novel for my novel writing class during my spring break, sending my story off in a new direction. I wrote what is possibly my favorite short story to date for my independent study. And I started assembling my Scholars House project, a promotional portfolio of essays and letters about my time in South Africa.

I have a decent amount of material to show for all my hard work this semester, and I’m pretty proud.

 April: Be a College Kid

This was really important to me. As the clock ran down towards graduation, I wanted to have tons of fun with my friends and take every experience offered to me. Here are just some of the fun things I did in April:

-Danced in Airband for ZTA (a sorority/fraternity dance competition)
-Went to the ZTA spring formal with all my sisters (and didn’t cry!)
-Watched Silver Linings Playbook on Deg Lawn with my G-Little
-Went to the Spring Weekend carnival on campus, rode a spinny ride (and didn’t throw up), and ate friend Oreos
-Saw Kingsfoil (SU’s favorite local band) at Trax and danced all night
-Bonded with my Ladybug family from ZTA while making our family’s page for the sorority scrapbook

I’m going to miss being a college kid! </3

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  1. I know you've been fully enjoying SU since the day you set foot on its campus, but it sounds like that was multiplied tenfold over the past few months. So glad you had a wonderful semester! Also - I wanna hear more about the novel-writing class! :)


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