Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Currently: THE WINNER'S KISS, Netflix, and my aching back

Linking up with Katy Upperman for another "Currently" post! Here's what I'm currently...

Finally started submitting short stories (from my thesis) to literary magazines over the weekend. While the process is exhausting and not much fun when I’m doing it, I feel much better once I’ve sent the stories out. Kind of like exercise! It’s been over a year since I last sent out material, and I’ve felt like a slacker a little, even though I’ve been writing new stories. It’s good to be back in the game!

Currently rereading THE WINNER’S CRIME to prep for THE WINNER’S KISS, which comes out today! Waiting not-so-patiently for my copy to ship. I just finished EXIT, PURSUED BY A BEAR (a difficult yet hopeful book about sexual assault - I want to do a full review on this soon, such a great book) and THE READERS OF BROKEN WHEEL RECOMMEND (girl comes to new town and opens a bookshop…if you love books, you will enjoy this one!).


My new Netflix obsessions, Graceland and Parenthood. Aaron Tveit is my favorite Broadway actor (and he just played Danny Zuko in Grease Live), so I started watching Graceland because of him. I didn’t expect to love it as much as I do. It’s about undercover FBI/DEA/Customs agents who all live in the same beachfront house, working together to solve crimes. Parenthood (which I started watching because of Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls) is about…parents. And children. And families. Right up my alley! Loving both shows!

 Listening To
Chris Lane’s song, “Fix” has been all over my radio station lately. It’s a little addictive (pun slightly intended)! I’m also loving “Snapback” by Old Dominion.

Thinking About
Organizing my new bookshelves! My father and I “liberated” some old bookshelves no one wanted from the company warehouse. Now I just need to tackle some sticker residue with Goo-Gone, and they’ll be good as new!


THE WINNER’S KISS! I mentioned it earlier, but this is one of my most anticipated 2016 releases. I’ve seen some non-spoilery tweets from people who’ve already finished the book (I think it released a week earlier outside the US?) and everyone seems really pleased with it. The writing is top-notch (excellent prose and full of symbolism/extended metaphors…the MFA student in me drools when I read it), and KESTREL. She’s one of my favorite female characters of all time now. Smart and strategic, and so well-developed. Marie Rutkoski sets her apart from many other fantasy heroines because she doesn’t fall into the “warrior” or “princess” trope. I’m rooting for her in this last book!

I’m wishing I hadn’t thrashed in my sleep and pulled/pinched a muscle in my back last night. I’m not sure if I turned in a funny way, but I woke up instantly when my back hurt. The spinal twists in tomorrow’s yoga class can’t come soon enough—I need to stretch!

Making Me Happy
I also just finished reading LADY MIDNIGHT, Cassandra Clare’s latest Shadowhunters novel. I loved it, and paired with the Shadowhunters TV show (which I’m powering through despite some of its lesser moments…mostly because they throw in references to The Infernal Devices prequels and impress me every once in a while), I’m having fun spending time in that world after a few years away. Now I’m itching to reread The Mortal Instruments.  
What have you been up to lately?


  1. Aaahhh! THE WINNER'S KISS -- I need it NOW! Why is Mr. UPS taking so long today?!

    Okay, Parenthood: I have not heard from one person who didn't love that show. It's got so many actors I love in its cast. Not sure why I haven't checked it out yet. Must do that soon.

    Crossing my fingers that your back feels better soon (Tiger Balm sometimes works for me) and that you have great responses to yours literary magazine submissions. Have a great week, Kaitlin!

    1. DEFINITELY try out Parenthood! I'm late to the party, too. I tried it when it first came on, but I wanted Lauren Graham in every scene (Gilmore Girls spoiled me with her screentime). Now, though, I'm interested in all the families - the characters are all great! Let me know if you watch! :)

  2. I have heard such amazing things about the Winner's Curse series and specifically held off on reading them because I knew I'd want to binge. I'm so excited to finally read them!

    I, too, am sticking around with Shadowhunters TV still. I don't even know why--it's a bit ridiculous and the actress who plays Clary truly cannot act. But Alec is...nice to watch. :)

    1. Enjoy binge-reading the Winner's books! They're one of my favorite fantasy series! :)

      And I'll probably be with Shadowhunters until the bitter end...I keep hoping the writing will be less cheesy next season! Also, Alec is SUPER attractive. And strangely, if they slapped a British accent on him, he's exactly how I picture Will from the Infernal Devices series!


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