Monday, February 10, 2014

Where to find inspiration

I'm drawing today's blog inspiration from the list of 101 Blog Post Ideas for Writers. Let me know if you do the same!

Today's topic: Where to find inspiration
Now more than ever, I’m finding inspiration from my own life. Most of my stories lately have come from experiences I had growing up on an air force base (or experiences I most likely would have had if we’d stayed there into my teenage years). I think I’ve finally gained enough distance to realize their potential and write about them. I can finally see the uniqueness in these experiences that I’ve been searching for in my stories.
I’ve also learned the value of writing what you know: you’re able to replicate details that make your story feel SO REAL, details that others would not otherwise know. When it comes to picking story topics, I’m learning to play to my strengths as a writer, and so far it’s paying off.

Okay, fellow writers...where do you find inspiration?

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